About Tana Moda

What is TANA MODA about?

As a fashion label we see it as our task to empower the people who wear our accessories to express their character with all its facets. Each character is unique and so are our bow ties.
There are certain patterns and colors that match with certain characters and that would never fit to another character. We see our bow ties & accessories as an extension of the wearer’s inner essence. If someone’s appearance fits to his character this has a positive effect on himself and the people surrounding him. EXPRESS YOUR INSIDE!

What is your vision?

Connect cultures!
We combine the powerful, diverse and energetic patterns and colors of cultures outside of Europe with the classic and elegant design of the european bow tie.
It is our goal to build intercultural bridges, so that both sides will explore commonalities and differencesmutual appreciation arises and the common message of a peaceful cohabitation  will be spread.